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Video Post Sun, Feb. 12, 2012 1 note

I remember learning this song when I was in Grade school in Miami Florida. This song has a great meaning. You are the greatest love of all,which mean you have to love yourself at all time. Yes the children are our future so we have to guided them the right way and that start from birth. Whitney did so many songs that touch my heart and this is one of them.We lost amazing singer but Bobbi Kristen lost her mother. Please let remember her with her beauitful music and not her drugs or alchols addication.We all have our issues and we have to fight off the devil all the time. Yes this is a tragic to the whole world and why she was take so soon.Only god knew it was her time to be with him like he knows our time. She in a better place right now singing beautiful music to the lord upstairs. She will be missed forever and her music will live on. She was an Angel on Earth and now she an Angel in heaven looking down on her family,friends and fans.

RIP Miss Whitney houston you will always be miss.

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